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BEEN THERE, DONE THAT—Best Practices for Recruiting Members - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennell Pinpin
Growing Your Membership— a Guide for State Pathology SocietiesAccess the Membership Guide and related resources - https://www.cap.org/advocacy/lobbying-and-political-action/state-pathology-societies/growing-your-membership-a-guide-for-state-pathology-societies
Lara Harik
So happy to be here and thank you for organizing this conference. I messed up my schedule and have to leave for a 30 minute meeting but i will be back.
Lara Harik
Will the recording be available to review later
Jennell Pinpin
Dr. Harik, yes, a recording will be available.
Lara Harik
Thank you!
Marilyn Bui
The slide is not advancing???
Nadja Falk
We have an opportunity to possibly use our New Mexico Medical Society for annual meetings. This may be an option in other states
Suzanne Dintzis, MD, PhD, FCAP
Medical societies have varying levels of administrative support. Providing admin to other groups may not be their forte. Be careful when choosing admin to ensure they have adequate resources for your group.
Nadja Falk
Thank you - good to know
Suzanne Dintzis, MD, PhD, FCAP
Happy to help you formulate some questions for potential admin
Suzanne Dintzis, MD, PhD, FCAP
Dr Joelson is definitely himself
Eric Loo
Bob Achermann
how many members in Washington and what are your dues? What kind of discount structure did you employ?
Chakshu Gupta
Is there any thought of combining CAP membership with state pathology membership in any way? Our state medical society has a joint membership application/renewal with the country medical societies. It would be a tremendous boost to state society membership if CAP application/renewal had an option of state society membership as well. Thoughts?
Eric Loo
Does the CAP have any advice for smaller societies in less population-dense states? Advocacy issues will be different for the different states, but the virtual platform might be an option for joint annual meetings...
Eric Loo
I'm not sure how joint annual meetings for different state societies might work, given the potential for different financial input from the participating groups. Any practical advice?
Elizabeth Martin
Virginia at times has had reciprocall agreements with neighboring states, where their members could attend the VSP meeting at VA member prices
Nadja Falk
For states with possible regional society possibilities would you recommend the regional society only or still having a state society and the regional society?
Megan Wick (she/her)
One option for smaller states-utilize the CAP's complimentary service for conducting virtual meetings. It can be found on https://www.cap.org/advocacy/lobbying-and-political-action/state-pathology-societies
Suzanne Dintzis, MD, PhD, FCAP
Everyone is welcome to join the WSSP for access to our online educational offerings wsspath.org
Chakshu Gupta
When I meet with state legislators for advocacy, they often ask me if what I am presenting has the state medical society's support. It is a good idea for state pathology leaders to network with your state's medical society.
Chakshu Gupta
And I appreciate both speakers for sharing their experience - they have some excellent ideas
Eric Loo
Agree ^^^
Eric Loo
Lots of great ideas
JIngmei Lin
Thank Dr. Dintzis and Joelson for sharing the experience, and thank Dr. Volk for organizing this meeting, very helpful.
Vijaya Reddy
We have the same experience as Dr. Gupta in Illinois.
Eric Loo
Our society has struggled to get the community practice groups involved... the idea of extending CME/grand rounds etc is great. Can someone elaborate on the group pricing offers that you might offer?
Eric Loo
My question was just answered...
Kelsey McHugh
what platform do you use to share grand rounds access to your paying membership?
Kelsey McHugh
from ohio society of pathologists - thank you!
Suzanne Dintzis, MD, PhD, FCAP
Hit us up with additional questions via email. We'd love to engage
Jennell Pinpin
“When it Comes to Fundraising, Some Day is Not a Day of the Week”Tuesday, November 9, from 3:00 to 4:00 PM EasternMeeting Registration - https://cap-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcrce2urDwtH9F91Lp3Z38RgfU62wZQUPWe
Kelsey McHugh
thank you all!!